About David Stern Fine Jewelry and Jewelry Appraisers

 History, Training, Qualifications, and Experience of David Stern.

David Stern is a designing jeweler, manufacturing jeweler, e-commerce jeweler, website:. Certified https://www.davidsternfinejewelry.com,Gemological Institute of America Diamond Certified Gemologist, website: jewelryappraisalsofbocaraton.com, Diamond, gold, jewelry, and estate jewelry buyer. Website: diamondgoldandjewelrybuyers.com, and a jewelry store owner since 1980

David was trained in London, England under European expert Jewelers in the old school of jewelry making. This was a five-year apprentice commitment. After a five year apprenticeship.

He opened his first business in 1970. In Hatton Garden (the British version of 47th Street in NYC which is the US Manufacturing and Diamond Center)During 1970 to 1976, David established his jewelry business after designing a completely original line of jewelry which he sold to jewelry stores throughout the UK. He also acquired the contract to sell to Mikimoto Pearls U.K. LTD. a part of his line of jewelry exclusively, which they then sold to the public. David’s thriving manufacturing business selling his one of a kind designs to retail jewelers throughout the UK became a nationally known jewelry designer who in turn enabled him to open two jewelry stores in central London.

This was the beginning of his venture into the estate jewelry market and jewelry appraisal business. He also regularly appraised antique, period and estate jewelry.

Looking for an opportunity to become more exposed to new and innovative jewelry ideas, David immigrated to the US in 1976. His priority was educating himself with the American way of doing business. David started to buy and sell antique and estate jewelry. He traveled the US participating in the estate jewelry show circuit to establish new contacts and start to build a reputation for his expertise in that field, while at the same time developing his latest collection of original jewelry designs. After achieving the above, David settled in Miami. He opened his first US store in downtown Miami in the Seybold Building (the central building in the jewelry district in South Florida). It featured his original designs and his unique antique jewelry collection gathered while touring the various antique shows.

After two years in Miami, David moved to Delray Beach, Florida. Since that time, he has sold his original designs throughout the US and opened a store in downtown Delray Beach on Atlantic Avenue, then in Palm Beach on Worth Avenue. He now has a store in Boca Raton on Powerline Rd. Serving the South Florida community.

David is now expanding his internet presence where he is gaining the reputation of being the jeweler to turn to for innovative custom design work and also promotes and sells his one of a kind and limited edition designs. And feature some of the leading 21st-century new jewelry designers

David Stern Fine Jewelry is an official jewelry replacement store for many of the larger insurance companies, is an expert in completing a claim promptly and can achieve the best possible results. David also works with estate, will/trust, and family law attorneys and consults on any jewelry related issues and is often called upon to testify in court as an expert witness in the jewelry arena

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